Tuesday, January 04, 2011

David Warren Exposed

The shoddy journalism of David Warren, Ottawa Citizen columnist and perennial candidate for Canada's Worst Journalist, has finally been exposed.

Thanks to Carol Wainio, the Ontario Press Council has ruled that Warren "failed to meet generally accepted journalistic attribution standards".

Even though the OPC clearly ruled against Warren, the decision has been criticized for not being sufficiently strong.

How has Warren responded? Exactly as you might expect: instead of 'fessing up that he's a crappy member of his profession, he's been whining and portraying himself as a victim.

Three cheers for Carol Wainio! And three raspberries for David Warren and the Citizen.


Eamon Knight said...

perennial candidate for Canada's Worst Journalist

What, worse than O'Leary? ;-)

(Not that I ever read either of them).

Jeffrey Shallit said...

It's a close race between them and - no surprise - they are good buddies.

Tim Kenyon said...

Oh, there are many candidates for such an award.

James Pawlak said...

In comparing style and content, you are a misshaped dwarf to Mr, Warren's status as an exemplar of

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Because any good "exemplar of journalism" should simply disregard generally accepted standards of attribution, right!