Sunday, May 06, 2012

Why Build When You Can Rent?

A few years ago, some robins built a nest on our front porch, above the house light. It made it a little inconvenient, because everytime we came in and out, the robin would startle and fly off. After the baby robins hatched, we left the nest in place.

This year some mourning doves decided it was cheaper to move into this already-constructed nest instead of building their own. The mother dove is remarkably hard to startle, especially compared to the robin.


John Pieret said...

Mourning doves may be the stupidest birds on Earth. I once walked into my narrow side yard next to my white cement block garage. There was a mourning dove sitting on the grass. It saw me, panicked and flew head first into the garage wall. Stunned, it fell back ont the grass and, after a second or two, saw me again and promptly flew into the wall again. After the third time it did it, I backed out of the yard in hopes of keeping it from braining itself.

If your dove is hard to startle, it probably only because it hasn't noticed you yet.

Curt Cameron said...

Rent? Looks like it's squatting.