Monday, December 26, 2005

Comments about comments

For those of you kind enough to leave comments on this blog -- thanks a million. I really appreciate them. If you were wondering why they didn't appear before now, it's because I'm new to the blog biz and didn't understand how to approve them. Now that I do, you can expect to see more.

By the way, here's the policy for comments: basically, anybody can post anything that's relevant, provided it's not ridiculously over the top or pure self-promotion (such as ads for other sites). I have a pretty high tolerance level. Unlike Dembski, I genuinely welcome criticism, even really harsh criticism.

A professor, as you know, is someone who thinks expertise in one area allows him to pontificate in all areas -- so many times I'll need correction by those who know more.

Still jacking in from Oswego, New York...

Addendum, posted January 2 2006:

Comments are moderated -- that's why they don't appear immediately when you provide them. There's no need to post your comments more than once -- I'll get to them eventually. Extra copies of the same comment will be ruthlessly deleted.

Addendum, posted December 21 2008:

Comments that are essentially just ads for other blogs or web sites that don't interest me will be ruthlessly deleted, as will comments that insult members of my family, or include gratuitous insults or threats of violence.

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