Sunday, January 29, 2006

Provo Daily Herald Kicks Buttars

Utah state senator D. Chris Buttars is at it again.

Buttars is the blockhead who planned to introduce a bill mandating the teaching of "divine design" in Utah schools, but withdrew under criticism. Now he's introduced Utah Senate Bill 96, which demands, among other things that "instruction to students on any theory regarding the origins of life, or the origins or present state of the human race, shall stress that not all scientists agree on which theory is correct."

But why stop there? After all, some scientists don't agree with relativity theory, either. Why should Einstein get a monopoly in Utah schools?

Thankfully, some people in Utah are standing up to this kakocrat. An editorial in the Provo Daily Herald is right on the point: "House should reject creationism bill". And the Salt Lake Tribune says the bill "[belittles] evolutionary principles in favor of an unwritten but clearly religious view of a very narrow kind".

Utahns, call your state senator today and state your opposition to this stupid and dishonest bill.

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