Friday, March 31, 2006

Moose News Roundup

Here's the Friday moose news roundup:

From the Edmonton Sun, we learn that Robert Lee McLaren of Pugwash Junction, Nova Scotia, has received a 20-year hunting ban for shooting a robotic moose.

From Aftenposten in Norway, we are saddened to learn about a flying moose that landed on the roof of a Mazda driven by Leo Henriksen. The poor moose bounced off the roof and then was hit by a car driven by Randi Olsen.

From MSNBC, we can view a video of a moose that crashed through the windshield of a car in Leominster, Massachusetts driven by Juleigh McDowell, and ended up sitting in the passenger seat with its head out the broken window.

And finally, from the Anchorage Daily News, we have this photo of a young moose that crashed through the roof of a shed in Alaska.

All in all, the life of a moose is difficult.

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