Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Talk Radio Hosts Fired for Debunking Phony Racist Memo

From the Washington Post comes this sad story about two radio talk show hosts who have been fired for debunking a rumor, long passed around in the African-American community, that the Carter administration secretly plotted to undermine domestic black leaders.

Casey Lartigue Jr. and Eliot Morgan hosted "The Casey Lartigue Show", a weekly political talk show on XM satellite radio. They discussed this phony memo which exists in various versions on the Internet. (One tip-off that it's phony? Brzezinski's last name was spelled incorrectly.) The version I've linked to is on (no surprise) the website of Louis Farrakhan.

Lartigue and Morgan were fired when they exposed the memo as a fake. In doing so, they went against the XM's lead talk show host, Joe Madison, who still believes that the memo is real.

Talk radio: where telling the truth can get you fired. I guess that's why people like Rush Limbaugh still have jobs.

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Unknown said...

Joe madision is a hard line racist from way back,it will not be long before he is fired from his show now on xm radio.