Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More About The Presidential Science Debate

Well, it looks like the proposed April 18 presidential science debate in Philadelphia is not going to happen. Obama, to his discredit, has refused to participate, and McCain didn't even respond; Clinton was non-committal.

But the good folks at Science Debate 2008 aren't giving up. The latest proposal is a nationally-televised debate on NOVA, the PBS science show, on either May 2, 9, or 16, with host David Brancaccio.

If you have any contact with the campaign staff of the 3 major candidates, contact them to let them know you want this debate to happen.

Update: Clinton and Obama refused to participate in the science debate, but they have time for this debate at Messiah College on "faith, values, and other current issues".

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Anonymous said...

I don't see how the candidates could find time for that, what with the Faith , values and other current issues debate being so important.