Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oreo Innumeracy

"30% Less Fat per 2 Cookies"? How much less fat per 1 cookie?

OK, I can think of a plausible reason* why it's phrased that way, but mathematically, it just sounds stupid.

* Because 2 cookies is the serving size, and maybe there's a legal requirement that any claims about "less fat" must be expressed in terms of the serving size.


Larry Moran said...

The did the testing on single cookies and found only 15% less fat in one cookie.

That's why they decided to advertise twice as much fat loss in two cookies. :-)

Akilan said...

Funny ;-)

Anonymous said...

dalle noste parti, nel sud dell'Italia questo prodotto non si trova facilmente!

Dave Grossman said...

No doubt, a serving size of regular Oreos is 3 cookies. :-)

New! 2 cookies with 1/3rd the fat and calories as 3 cookies!

- Dave

Anonymous said...

With 1/2 more of the creamy good stuff