Thursday, June 19, 2008

Psychic's Report Basis for Child Abuse Investigation

An appalling story out of Barrie: the Simcoe County District School Board reportedly started an investigation into sexual abuse of a child after receiving a report from a psychic consulted by the child's educational assistant at the school.

As reported by Canadian Press, the psychic claimed "a youngster whose name started with "V" was being sexually abused by a man between 23 and 26 years old" and so the Children's Aid Society was called to investigate.

If the facts are as reported, this is a horrifying and ridiculous intrusion into family life based on utter nonsense. The Simcoe County District School Board owes the parent and child an apology.


Pseudonym said...

I don't know about Canada, but here in Australia, "making a false report" is a criminal offence.

Anonymous said...

That school board should be sexually abused.

name numerology said...

There are some cases that psychics will be a help in solving some crimes.

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of caring energy to find the right outcome. The thing to remember is that psychic energy is real.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Yes, Jim, I know you have a lot invested in the claim that you have special powers. It probably makes you feel good inside to believe you are different and better than others.

But if you haven't won Randi's prize, then you probably don't.