Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Local 9/11 Crackpots at it Again!

Not satisfied with their truly ignoble performance the last time around, our local 9/11 crackpots are holding another event this Thursday:

The misnamed "9/11 Truth" movement seems to be dying out almost everywhere, except in Canada, where it has a very strong strain of US-hatred to draw on. In the US, it seems the crackpots have moved on to "Obama is a Muslim Manchurian candidate, the secret love child of Malcolm X, who will become a dictator, take away everyone's rights, and turn the US into a socialist paradise."

As John Ray points out, "Today, the 9/11 conspiracy movement is a shell of what it once was. The website masquerading as an academic journal, Journal of 9/11 Studies, has dropped from a high of six articles in its August 2006 issue to one in March and its two most recent editions (it's supposed to be updated monthly) were simply skipped over, evidently for lack of a single article."

In case you can't read the poster, you can see a better version here. Global Outlook, the group sponsoring the Waterloo event, is also hosting a lecture series at the University of Toronto that looks just chock-full of all sorts of woo, including a bizarre focus on "natural medicine" and "out-of-place artifacts".


Anonymous said...

The author is wrong. The 9/11 truth movement is alive and kicking. On September 11, 2008, 9/11 truthers from numerous European countries met in Brussels for a demonstration. All over Europe, 9/11 truth groups emerge and mainstream journalists now dare, one by one, come out of the closet. In the US, the association of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth is getting larger by the month, and now a new group emerged: Lawyers for 9/11 truth. Other groups are now working, including Pilots for 9/11 truth. Mocking this movement is cheap. The author might be more credible if he would present to readers evidence that any of the 19 alleged hijackers actually boarded one of the aircraft that crashed on 9/11. If he is unable to do so, readers will draw their conclusions.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Dear Anonymous:

I see you don't even have the courage to post under your real name.

Now I know it's a waste of time arguing with crackpots, but:

As for the hijackers, there is abundant and convincing evidence (to all but crackpots), including DNA evidence. See, for example,

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Oh, and there's also this:


Corey said...


Why would Al Queda admit that they were the ones behind the 9/11 attacks?

This is like why the Russians do not admit that the Americans never landed on the moon. It did happen.

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that the FEDS let the students who are organizing this event found a club under the name "UW 9/11 Research Group" (http://waterloo911.clubs.feds.ca). Of course, this student club is not an academic research group. However, a casual reader of the poster (or of these Record articles) might miss this point.

Anonymous said...

People interested in "out of place artifacts" should feel free to come tidy my office. It's a big research project, though...

paul01 said...

I visited Parliament Hill with my family on Sep 11 this year, and some demonstrators were handing out Deception Dollars. There was music and a lot of speech making. They covered everything from Al-Qaeda to lapsed insurance policies. Veeeerry interesssting.

Jeffrey Shallit said...


Can you look in your office and see if one of my missing socks is there?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, the conspiracy deepens. I have two of your socks -- and they're both left-foot socks!

Apparently my office is the sub-space condenser terminus of the spontaneous quantum-tunnel that originates in your clothes dryer. Similar quantum tunneling effects can be observed in videos of the WTC collapse, when these are closely viewed through 4 mm of polarized glass and 180 ml of Alberta Rye whiskey.

Anyhow, please wash a load of right-socks only, so I can at least get some matching pairs.

Anonymous said...

In the US, it seems the crackpots have moved on to "Obama is a Muslim Manchurian candidate, the secret love child of Malcolm X, who will become a dictator, take away everyone's rights, and turn the US into a socialist paradise."

Actually, the anti-Obama whackjobs biggest brouhaha is over the claim that the President Elect is not a natural born American citizen and hence is ineligible ascend to the office of president. They have filed suit in several states to prevent the certification of Obama electors, including a suit in California by nutcase whackadoo and perennial candidate Alan Keyes. The chances of any of these frivolous lawsuits succeeding are slim and none and slim is already on the bus headed out of town.