Thursday, February 12, 2009 Celebrates Darwin, Not So Much

My kids pointed out to me that this morning has this logo in honor of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, but doesn't. Strange.

Addendum: UK Google and French Google both have the Darwin logo.


Anonymous said... had it this morning.

Anonymous said... now has it.

Juhan said... has it!

cody said...

I've got it on as well. Has anyone not had it on recently? Maybe only certain areas? Or they changed from complaints? Or it was a coincidental mistake?

Anonymous said...

The ever-so clueless David Warren is back, and he's none too happy about this Darwin Day stuff. The doctrine of Darwin.

MiKo said...

I noticed this, too. Then I realized that when you connect to from outside the US, you are not redirected to the original . Actually when I tried connecting to via an American proxy, I got the Darwin celebration logo.