Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weird Google Maps Error

If you search for 2212 Line 34, Shakespeare, ON on Google Maps, you get a location that is something like 50 km from the true location. Shakespeare is actually between New Hamburg and Stratford, Ontario.

Google Maps seems quite unreliable for Southern Ontario. It used to be that when you searched for the Waterloo-Wellington
airport, you would get a location about 25 km from the true one.

It would be interesting to understand what about the data or algorithm results in such a bizarre error. It would also be nice if it were easier to report errors in Google maps.


Anonymous said...

It's most likely the provider. Google maps went downhill in Ontario (likely North America) after they switched from Navteq to Tele Atlas. Performing your seach with Yahoo Maps or Live Search Maps gives the expected results. GPS units seem to be similarly affected.

Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

The Soviet Union used to provide inaccurate maps of Moscow for reasons that Microsoft would understand (security through obscurity). It used to be said that the only source for an accurate map of Moscow was the American embassy.

I. J. Kennedy said...

Google Maps shows a non-existent entrance to my neighborhood in San Antonio. Causes all kinds of problems for delivery people and taxis. I reported the error over a year ago; Tele Atlas hasn't done squat about it, except give me this URL so I could watch nothing happen:

Tim Kenyon said...

BB, FCD, the US did (and probably continues to do) the same thing for areas it considers to be important to national security.