Saturday, July 11, 2009

Does Reality Exist?

From Friday's Waterloo Region Record, in the Letters section, comes this gem, from Ray Zehr of Shakespeare, Ontario.

"...My answer is, true reality can only exist if God alone created intelligence because God is perfect then intelligence is true and reality is true.

"If you believe in evolution without God then you have to accept the fact that reality probably does not exist. This is probably the universal question that science has shied away from for centuries and left our youth hanging in the closet..."

It's not our youth, but somebody's brain, that was left hanging in the closet.


miohippus said...

the stupid! It burns!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a disciple of Alvin Plantinga, or perhaps Corney Van Til. 2-to-1 odds that he attends a non-mainline Reformed (Calvinist) church of some kind. As you can see, they train 'em up right.

Unknown said...

Why do creationists always fall back on solipsism? Is it because they actually have nothing to say?

MrFreeThinker said...

This reminds me of the cartesian demon .
I recall an argument from Robert Koons that if you rejected the principle of sufficient reason (that events have a sufficient reason for their occurrence) it is possible that your perceptual and conscious states were just occurring randomly and not caused by the external world - so a demon isn't even necessary to deceive you.