Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Won't Be Going to This Cafe

Two women sharing a kiss got told off by the owner of the 1842 Cafe in Waterloo, Ontario. Well, I guess I won't be buying anything from that place when I return to KW from my sabbatical.


Peter said...

The article say "necking". I would say that there is quite a difference between "necking" and "sharing a kiss".

hpgross said...

The owner said necking, the couple says it was a peck. My real question is what is the problem with public displays of affection in this day and age? So people want to kiss a bit. What's so wrong with that? Considering the Huether Hotel has been host to some very non-friendly shows in the past this seems more like the owner just a large stick up her butt.

hpgross said...

I meant to say not family-friendly, there have been burlesque and strip shows on occasion in the pas, though I don't know if they still host them.

The Record has also covered the story now.

Anonymous said...

depending on your own acceptance of public affection in restaurants and such, it's hard to take a side on this. it's one person's word against the other, and both slightly different (re: necking vs sharing a kiss).

personally, i take the side of the owner. i feel uncomfortable if i'm sitting next to a table with people making out, and i think the owner is trying to address this for the sake of other customers.