Monday, April 26, 2010

LaTeX Search Tool

Well, this doesn't do exactly what I'd want - but latexsearch is at least a start to making mathematical equations searchable.


manuel moe g said...

Pointless, because of the vanity of mathematicians. Is there any equation, inequality, lemma, theorem, or trick of expression that has escaped proper naming by mathematicians?

I find it irritating when in my first five minutes of sketching expressions for a problem, I have "re-discovered" a half dozen proper named expressions. How low the bar is set.

[Tongue in cheek. I am aware of the value of fixed names for ease in talking about items of great abstraction.]

Paul C. Anagnostopoulos said...

Okay, I don't get it. I take it I'm supposed to type in LaTeX code. Does it canonicalize the code in some clever way that gives me half a chance to find what I'm looking for?

I tried '\sqrt{42}'. I got five expressions, none of which contain that.

~~ Paul

Takis Konstantopoulos said...

And if you want to search for the code of a fancy symbol try this. Not that great, but it can be of help too.

Narad said...

Check out what I see from the University of Liege when I try to click on the link :)

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Category: adult-and-pornography

Denis Rystsov said...

I’ve created a similar site recently – In some cases it works better than

It indexes popular Q&A sites ( and and wikipedia. It supports basic arithmetic expressions, integrals, common operators like (\sin, \cos …), function calls and low indexes (like f(x)=… or x_n), differential equations, sums and limits. So, the current version can be useful for differential equations, Diophantine equations, number theory and math analysis related searches.

Jozef said...

Hey guys, you can try also this mathematical search engine