Friday, December 24, 2010


Spotted on Queen Street in Kitchener, Ontario:

I like the unintentional coinage very much.

Homeoapathy: The selling of quack medical remedies while being unconcerned about their lack of effectiveness.


Takis Konstantopoulos said...

Indeed, alternative medicine should leave us in apathy.

Here's a story from BBC:
"Alternative remedies can be dangerous for children and even prove fatal if taken instead of conventional drugs, according to a new study."

Phil said...

LOL! This made my day.

Happy Holidays, Jeffrey!

David said...

Homeopathy should be taken in extremely small doses.

Someone said...

Are they apathetic towards homeomorphisms or homeomorphically irreducible trees?

Alasdair Urquhart said...

As a loyal Canadian, I am shocked that you disregard the views of our beloved Prince Charles, who has been trying recently to get the British National Health Service to fund homeopathy. How can you overlook the ideas of this great Royal scientific thinker?? God save the Prince of Wales!!!

Anonymous said...

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