Sunday, January 16, 2011

Local Creationist Stupidity

Check out this letter in our local paper, the Waterloo Region Record.

It's got all the usual stupidities: "scientists have not been able to find even one provable fact to back up the theory of “goo-to-you” evolution" -- as if the letter writer spends all his spare time reading the evolutionary biology literature.

"Yes, we have evolution within kinds, as God programmed." -- the usual creationist invention of terms -- "kinds" - that no actual biologist uses. I suppose we can be grateful he didn't say "baramin".

"There were probably two dogs on Noah’s Ark" -- as if Noah's ark were an actual historical event.

"there is any evidence to show that any of them changed into a cat or a small horse or any other animal" -- as if dogs changing into cats or horses is a prediction of evolution.

"My definition of the word “theory” is “imagination.”" -- Well, he'd better get a better dictionary!

And this guy is a financial planner at a local "wealth management" company!

Back in 2003, I sent this guy a list of examples of speciation, but here he is again, 8 years later, repeating the same falsehoods.

Thankfully our residents with connected brain cells have already responded to this nonsense here and here.


Anonymous said...

"My definition of the word “theory” is “imagination.”"

Debates are so much easier when you randomly change definitions to fit your arguments.

Unknown said...

Can I please get that list of speciation examples? The only list I could find seemed incomplete. Thanks!

Jeffrey Shallit said...


There's no "complete" list of speciation examples - as nobody is really interested in compiling a complete list (what would be the point?) and new examples are found all the time.

There is a good list here and here.