Monday, February 07, 2011

Fibonacci Quarterly Goes Electronic

The Fibonacci Quarterly has gone electronic! And they've put all their articles before 2006 online for free.

When I was a teenager, this was one of my favorite journals - because, unlike most math journals, I could actually understand most of the articles in it. My parents thought it was weird, but they were very understanding, and even got me a subscription.

I remember one of the articles that blew my mind was Aho and Sloane's Some Doubly Exponential Sequences. The authors found beautiful analyses of some nonlinear recurrences, including one of my favorites:

y1 = 5; yn+1 = (yn - 2)2.

The first few values are y2 = 9; y3 = 49; y4 = 2209; and it is not hard to prove that yn = L2n + 2, where Li is the i'th Lucas number.

It's still a good and worthwhile journal, even if it doesn't usually get much praise from the kind of people who publish in Inventiones. It struggles from time to time with quality issues, and I really dislike the typesetting, but there's often something interesting in it.

So, congrats to the Fibonacci Quarterly for taking this step. If only they'd put in a search function for titles and authors...


D. Eppstein said...

Are you sure the Fibonacci Quarterly articles are free? I got a request for a name and password, and then "401 Authorization Required", when I tried to access one from 2005.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Looks like everything 2004 and before is currently free.

Anonymous said...

FQ author/title/keyword/problem indexes covering 1963–2010 are available here. Additionally, it's indexed by both MR and Zbl.