Friday, April 15, 2011

The True Crocker Story

Over at Uncommon Descent, we have more playing the victim, this time about creationist Carolyn Crocker, and probably written by the World's Worst Journalist™.

For the true story about Crocker, go here.

Having Crocker as the "executive director of a think tank on integrity in science" is kind of like having Newt Gingrich as executive director of a think tank on integrity in marriage.


John Stockwell said...

I believe that Crocker is "playing Palin".

If you go to another one of her pages

You can see the image that she is trying to cultivate (in front of a picture of the Capitol).

If you check out her "Publications"
menu item, you can see that she hasn't
published a scientific paper in 13 years.

It isn't any wonder she was doing these untenured teaching gigs. She could not get tenure with such a deficient academic recordd. And she screwed that up.

Not unlike Michael Behe and Guillermo Gonzalez, her scientific publications go down as "ID" involvement goes up. The
difference is that Crocker didn't have much of a career until she started cashing in on the "Expelled" thing.

Behe was the smart one. He waited to go off the deep end *after* he got tenure.

Anonymous said...

Further reading:

jellybean said...

Sounds like she made a shrewd career move to me--going from unremarkable scientist to one of the world's leading experts on ID.

Anonymous said...

There is this quote:
Eohippus is the same as modern-day hyrax

Wikipedia explains, in the article on "Eohippus" (redirected to "Hyracotherium"):

The first fossils of this genus were found in England and described by the paleontologist Richard Owen in 1841. Suspecting that his species was a hyrax due to its teeth, but lacking parts of the skeleton, Owen called it a "Hyrax-like beast" and placed it in the new genus Hyracotherium. In 1876 in America Othniel C. Marsh found a full skeleton, which he placed in another new genus Eohippus, from the Greek ηώς (eōs, "dawn") and ιππος (hippos, "horse"), meaning "dawn horse". When it became apparent that the two genera were likely one and the same, Eohippus for a time became a synonym of Hyracotherium, the genus with the earlier date of publication.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for hijacking the comments, but I wanted maintain my anonymity & I know you read comments quicker than emails from say some fake_name@Gmail. (I really feel embarrassed for the spamming).

An engineering student team at UW was suspended because a female member posed in bikini. Parts of the story is here

And the team website is here

I believe you would have an opinion & may be have something to say about it.

Reginald Selkirk said...

There is this quote:
Eohippus is the same as modern-day hyrax

I recognize this bit from The Neck of the Giraffe by Francis Hitching, a truly dreadful creationist book from 1983.

Anonymous said...

She also lied about Archaeopteryx fossils (that or is just plain old ignorant about them).

But, she's a 'Christian', so she can do no wrong...

Anonymous said...

I've got a great idea!!
Instead of standing for American Institute for Technology and Science Education, AITSE should stand for American Institute for Theocracy and Superstitious Education. That's what caroline crocker is doing after all.