Friday, June 24, 2011

Mary is the Ideal Christian?

Oh, look: the brilliant brain surgeon Michael Egnor has a blog, which is called (I kid you not), "Egnorance".

This is destined to be an endless fountain of unintended amusement.

Already we have the renowned Dr. Egnor claiming that Mary is "the original Christian disciple, and a model and a mother for all of us".

Let's see: Mary

* had affair with some guy not her husband
* got pregnant by him
* lied about it
* convinces gullible husband that it was actually some god who raped her

Yes, I'd say that she certainly is a good role model for theists.


Tantalus Prime said...

I had wondered why he was not posting at ENV and was excited to see that he had his own blog. Would he make claims that were just as crazy as the ones at ENV? After reading his posts I have come to one conclusion.

The Discovery Institute was holding him back.

Now he has free reign to let the crazy fly and he is not disappointing. It will be a good source of entertainment.

Mudz said...


1) Mary was chosen by God to be the bearer of the Messiah, on account of being a worthy person. (That would be impregnation, but it's a crude inference.)

2) Had trouble convincing a skeptical husband of the truth, but eventually prevailed.

3) Gave birth to Jesus Christ who would go on to die for the sake of humanity.

Which is actually what the account given in the surviving documentation of the period reflects.

I'm not sure what your particular theory is based on, but I think I prefer historical accounts as opposed to musing without evidence.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Historical accounts? You make me laugh. There are no contemporary historical accounts of this amazing and completely unprecedented event.

So, if you believe Jesus was magically conceived, why don't you believe the same thing of Mithra? Or Zoroaster? Or Huitzilopochtli?

Assuming that Jesus and Mary were real persons, I think my interpretation, based on knowledge of human nature and using only events that have precedence in human history, is far more likely than yours.

Anonymous said...

you fucking retards!

Jeffrey Shallit said...

you fucking retards!

Ahh, the kind of decisive refutation that we can expect from theists.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

And it's not like the observation is original with me. Thomas Paine said it better than I ever could.