Saturday, September 24, 2011

Silly Monarchists

Here's an opinion piece by monarchist Jeffrey Tighe in the National Post.

If this is the kind of reasoning the monarchists are proud of, then the republicans have already won.

Tighe invents a straw man, claiming that republicans believe "all world cultures are of equal value in Canada, except the “British” one". Actually, I think the British are admirable in many ways -- I just find the idea of an unelected head of state, chosen solely by heredity, to be childish and archaic.

He ends with "There’s room for all who wish to enter its walls, but living here requires a commitment to Queen and country". I guess I'm not welcome then.


Eamon Knight said...

Gosh, there's much in there beyond "But we've always done it this way", is there?

And this son of British immigrants, while being plenty proud of his English heritage, is pretty much apathetic about the monarchy.

Garkbit said...

Republicanism is also a recurring thread in British history.