Monday, July 09, 2012

The Death of Nano-Thermite

Did 9-11 "truthers" mistakenly identify ordinary epoxy, clay, and steel as "nano-thermite"?

That's what a new study concludes.

Gee whiz, it looks like the conspiracy crackpots got something wrong again. Who's surprised?


Les Lane said...

The largest controlled demolition in the US was the Hudson Department Store in Detroit. As you can see from the description it's hardly the sort of thing that could have been done in secret.

Schenck said...

Um, excuse me, but the American Academy of Forensic Science, which comissioned this report, has a fasces in it's symbol/seal, so obviously they're part of the fascist-socialist-green-atheio-islamist conspiracy that did 911. Duh.

And the worst part is that the above criticism is probably not too far off of a parody.

John Stockwell said...

There was a pack of truthers set up on the 16th Street Mall here in Denver a few years ago. They didn't know

1) thermite is aluminum and iron oxide, which are common items in a building.

2) steel becomes too soft to hold up a building at a temperature much below its melting point.

3) that after the top floor fell, the rest was like a sound wave propagating, so, of course the towers "fell" faster than free fall.

And, no, they would not consider that they might be wrong.

Curt Cameron said...

John Stockwell, I don't buy your idea that the towers' falling was like a sound wave propagating, and therefore faster than free-fall.

It's clear from still pictures and video that the chunks that were falling beside the building were going down faster than the wave of destruction within the building. The towers' collapse speed was fast, but slower than free-fall.

Takis Konstantopoulos said...

Many people confuse skepticism with conspiracy theory (although they would never admit they practice the latter).

John Stockwell said...

Curt, the claim by truthers is that the floors collapsed faster than free fall. That is not my claim.

That the collapse of the towers
was a propagating wave, see
for example:

Truthers want to argue that the collapse was timed detonations.