Sunday, July 15, 2012

Larry Moran Would Approve

It's pretty easy to get to: you go to Victoria Rail Station, and take the train to Bromley South. Trains run rather frequently. Once at Bromley South, you walk out of the station and up the street to the right a bit, and catch the 146 Downe bus. Your Oyster card works for the train and the bus - very convenient. The last stop is Downe Church, and then it's a short walk up Luxted Road.

The walk along the road is a bit unpleasant, since it is narrow and there is no sidewalk, so here's a tip: walk up until you see a sign on the left of the road that indicates the footpath to "Cudham". Follow this footpath until there is a sign indicating "Down House" to the right.

Inside you will find exhibits about Darwin's life and work, including his study and library. Outside, you find his gardens, and the famous Sandwalk. Not to be missed if you are in the London area!


Steve Watson said...

The NHM one day, Down House the next -- sounds like you're following about the same itinerary we did, almost exactly one year ago ;-). We also took a river cruise down to Greenwich (unfortunately, we got there after the museum was closed).

Anonymous said...

This may interest you (last two paragraphs). It may take a while but justice will prevail.

Anonymous said...

And Larry Moran would approve!! (of the link I just sent yoiu!)