Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Says You" in Syracuse

I finally got to attend a taping of one of my favorite radio shows, "Says You", in Syracuse, New York. That's host Richard Sher at the top, and at the bottom you see panelists Tony Kahn, Lenore Shannon, and Tony Horwitz conferring on a question. The other panelists that night were Carolyn Faye Fox, Arnie Reisman, and Paula Lyons.

Although the show is one of my favorites, I have to admit it was not as good or funny as shows in the past. They sometimes play old shows or highlights from old shows, and you can hear the difference: they used to have lightning-fast wordplay and deductions, and lately they've been slipping a bit. Maybe they need some new blood: some younger panelists.

By the way, if you want to listen to the show, you either have to pay for it, or listen to it live on Saturday or Sunday on your local NPR station, or over the internet.

Do you have some favorite radio shows that you listen to over the internet? If so, give links in the comments.


isohedral said...

I used to listen to Says You from time to time -- it was always fun.

If you're hoping to catch a particular NPR program at a time convenient to you, might I suggest They aggregate the schedules of all the NPR affiliates, giving you a pretty wide spread of times in which to catch your show. For example, here's the page for Says You:

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Thanks for the link, iso, but it was already in my post in the word "live"!

JoeBuddha said...

Try "My Word" ( has instructions on how to listen, or it can be found on some NPR stations). It has intelligent guests, word play, and two of the best shaggy-dog wordsmiths I've heard. "My Music" is pretty good as well.

isohedral said...

Heh, sorry about that. Next time you should moderate me straight into the bit bucket so that I don't have to publicly reveal my inability to read the entirety of a blog post.

p.s. Have you heard of It's a good website.