Monday, January 14, 2013

More Creationist Credential Inflation

I've written at least once before about the propensity of creationists for credential inflation.

Here is yet another example: V. J. Torley, one of the most longwinded creationists at Uncommon Descent, refers to "Dr. David Coppedge".

Coppedge, according to his profile on Linkedin, has no doctorate at all. He has a bachelor of science, secondary education, from the august institution, "Bob Jones University", in 1972, and a B. S., Physics, from California State, Northridge, 1995.

Update: Torley has now corrected his claim.


RBH said...

Yeah, I've referred to that phenomenon as inflationary credentialism, defined thus:

Habitually inflating credentials or citing proponents’ credentials that are irrelevant to a view as though they lent authority to pronouncements about the view.

Diogenes said...

VJ Torley and Gpuccio are the only IDologues with the guts to admit that Dembski's definition of CSI is a failure, and CSI can be increased by gene duplication.

He made a small mistake and he corrected it.

It is true, though, that many creationists fake their degrees with help from other creationists.

VJTorley is not in that group. I'll give him a pass on that.

No such pass for BornAgain77 who bullshits about Coppedge's "stellar record.". Coppedge was never a scientist. He was an IT professional hated by the real scientists whose computers he maintained.

And this is true of most of the cultists at UD. Most UD commenters are IT professionals hated by their colleagues whose computers they maintain.

A dog could be an IT professional if it knew administrator password.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Sure, and I give V. J. Torley credit for quickly admitting his mistake.

Diogenes said...

I wrote this at the GK Chesterton thread, but I'll copy it here because it's relevant.

Didn't Sal Cordova say he would throw himself on a grenade for Dembski? Or something to that effect. I'll try to find the actual quote.

Didn't Casey Luskin compare Dembski and his fellow DI scholars to the Fellowship of the Ring? With "materialists" as the subhuman orcs, I suppose that follows. So Dembski is who, Gandalf?

Didn't David Berlinski call Dembski and I think Wells "impressively learned"? That's what they call you when you haven't achieved anything. I've never heard a great scientist called "impressively learned."

In "Signature in the Cell", didn't Stephen Meyer portray Doug Axe like he was Watson and Crick rolled into one? And Meyer insinuated Jack Szostak was a "crackpot." Year that shit book was published, Szostak won the Nobel Prize.

Drill Down said...

"Sure, and I give V. J. Torley credit for quickly admitting his mistake."

Would you be willing to update the main post to reflect the fact Torley corrected his mistake?

Diogenes said...

I got one of my citations garbled; for that I apologize. It was not Berlinski who said it, but hyper-sexist male chauvinist non-scientist George Gilder, a fellow of the Discovery Institute. He directed it at Dembski and Meyer, not Dembski and Wells.

George Gilder: "The writings of the leading exponents of the concept [Intelligent Design], such as the formidably learned Stephen Meyer and William Dembski (both of the Discovery Institute), steer clear of any assumption that the intelligence manifestly present in the universe is necessarily supernatural." [George Gilder. "Evolution and Me: The Darwinian theory has become an all-purpose obstacle to thought rather than an enabler of scientific advance." National Review. July 17, 2006.]

Of course that's bullshit anyway-- Dembski models all intelligence, including human intelligence, as a violation of natural law. IDers require all intelligence, including human intelligence, to be supernatural because that fits their idea of free will as explained by the invisible, intangible spook exciting your neurons in a way that violates the laws of physics.

Diogenes said...

"Dr. David Coppedge". Coppedge, according to his profile on Linkedin, has no doctorate at all. He has a bachelor of science, secondary education, from the august institution, "Bob Jones University", in 1972

Fuck, Coppedge has a BS from Bob Jones University in 1972, back when they didn't admit black people! Creationists couldn't take the competition from black people.

Bob Jones U. banned interracial dating until the 21st century, and they still ban Darwinism. Every faculty member has to sign a pledge not to teach evolution accurately.

The home-schooling textbooks put out by Bob Jones Univ. are quite a gas.

This is the kind of science Coppedge was taught. From Bob Jones U's "Science 4" textbook:

"Electricity is a mystery. No one has ever observed it or heard it or felt it. We can see and hear and feel only what electricity does. We know it makes light bulbs shine and irons heat up and telephones ring. But we cannot say what electricity itself is like.

We cannot even say where electricity comes from. Some scientists think the sun may be the source of most electricity. Others think that the movement of the earth produces some of it. All anyone knows is that electricity seems to be everywhere and that there are many ways to bring it forth."
["Science 4", Bob Jones Univ.]

Here's some tasty racism from their textbooks. Bob Jones Univ. was founded by Bob Jones who supported the Klan creed.

A Bob Jones current events text argues against legal protection for homosexuals, stating, “These people have no more claims to special rights than child molesters or rapists.”5 Another Bob Jones text uses an often-repeated phrase that homosexuals and abortion-rights supporters are “simply calling evil good.”...

A Bob Jones history text states that the Klu Klux Klan fed on “racism and bigotry” but then states that “the Klan in some areas of the country tried to be a means of reform, fighting the decline in morality and using the symbol of the cross to target bootleggers, wife beaters and immoral movies.”11...

[Vouchers/Tax Credits Funding Creationism, Revisionist History, Hostility Toward Other Religions. by Rachel Tabachnick. Posted on May 25, 2011. K-12NN News Network.]

Diogenes said...

If you want to read a Bob Jones Univ. student handbook from 1995-96 ("Students who date outside of their own race will be expelled") you can see a photo of the relevant page here: []

Just imagine what it was like in '72 when Coppedge attended! When he went for his college interview, did the interviewer wear a hood?

Ah, the carefree days of college, gathering around a bonfire in the shape of a cross!

There's more about their delightful policies on their Wikipedia page.

Clearly, Charles Darwin invented racism.

nmanning said...

YECs used to frequently refer to Walter ReMine as "Doctor ReMine." More annoying was the fact that this occurred on at least 2 discussion forums on whihc ReMine was active, and he never tried to correct his acolytes.

Diogenes said...


I'd love to see a hyperlink to that if you have a reference.