Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another Weird Journal Solicitation

Here's yet another weird academic journal solicitation:

Dear , [sic]

WatchPlus as a major international publisher with its main focus on Journals spanning broad based interdisciplinary subjects presented in English Language [sic], is currently accepting manuscript(s) for publication. WatchPlus has a unique and effective way to capture expertise, tacit knowledge and research findings. Unlike other publishers, WatchPlus focuses on improving papers instead of only publishing them.

We welcome a timely submission of Original [sic] articles, Case studies, Expert reviews, surveys, opinions, commentaries and essays in all fields covered by our journals.

We accept papers from both academic and industrial contexts, thereby creating a unique community of experts, researchers, practitioners and thought-leading [sic] people. The creative and constructive atmosphere built by WatchPlus is highly productive. We are also working progressively to improve and increase our readership base by indexing our various journals in professional and academic indexes, libraries and large academic repositories and databases/ electronic archives.


All submissions will benefit from a constructive iteration process prior to its publication. In this process, authors receive feedback and suggestions for their work where necessary. Papers will be reviewed in deep detail by experts and peers from the same or related domains and authors will get feedback and comments based on the outcomes of the review process.

Authors will receive high quality feedback in a constructive way. The comments and suggestions can be used to improve submitted papers for final publication. Submitted papers will be published along side the next issue proir to the acceptance of the paper by professional Editors. Selected papers will be published in the WatchPlus Digital Archive.


We are currently accepting papers under the following headings:

    Journal of Advances in Agricultural Science and Technology.
    International Journal of Mathematics and Engineering Research.
    International Journal of Medical and Biomedical Sciences.
    International Journal of Accounting and Business Management.
    Journal of Education, Arts and Humanities.
    International Journal of Biological and Physical Sciences.

Manuscript Format

Please note that we accept manuscript in .doc, .docx and rtf formats. Figures and table should be submitted alongside the main manuscript or attached as supporting documents. Please see our Instruction for Authors.

All manuscript(s) as well as supporting documents should be submitted as e-mail attachment(s) to

Editors and Reviewers

We are also looking for focused, dedicated and time conscious scholars, to serve as Editors and Reviewers in our various Journals. If you are interested, please submit a detailed Curriculum Vitae to our Editorial Office at, stating your research interest and the journal your [sic] are interested in working with.
We are looking forward to publishing your manuscript. 


Prof. Abeer Al-Ghananeem
International Journal of Medical and Bio-Medical Sciences
I would be very interested to see how my manuscripts could be improved by this publisher. Perhaps they can insert random capitalizations "in English language". But since I am not "time conscious", I don't think I qualify to serve as a capital-E Editor or even a capital-R Reviewer.

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John Stockwell said...

Fake academic journals are a growing problem.