Saturday, July 13, 2013

Canada Shouldn't Honor Pope John Paul II

Here's Canada's national treasure, Udo Schuklenk, weighing in on why there should not be a special day devoted to honoring Pope John Paul II in Canada.

Schuklenk, by the way, is an respected ethicist whose clear thinking contrasts sharply with the muddled views of people like Margaret Somerville.


Randy said...

Canada's bill has already passed the House, and is in the rubber-stamp Senate.

Ontario's bill 72 is still in the legislature (there's only one house).

It's basically the same bill, and should be rejected for similar reasons.

Steinmark said...

"a respected ethicist"
Gotta love the passive voice.
His commenters don't seem to respect him so much:

Pseudonym said...

I agree with everything said here, but I do concede that if the same proposal for a JP2 Day came up in Poland, I wouldn't have problem with that.

Anonymous said...

Back in the days when he was still alive and pontifecking, a friend of my mother’s, in her late eighties, said, “Oh that pope, he’s just another pretty face.”

Robert Byers said...

I am a evangelical protestant Christian.
I don't think foreign people should be honoured unless
they touched Canada.
This Pope was a important resistance to the soviet union. He gets credit for the overthrow.
I love that and could be swayed to agree with his day.
Yet I'm suspicious its really an attempt to highlight a Roman Catholic identity person, perhaps a Polish one, more then a cold war warrier thing.
If so I oppose that as a fervent nationalist.
he is special in my conservative circles.

A close call. I like it teaches everyone on the postive value of a religious person.
Yet I'm opposed to foreign stuff being paraded as valuable as Canadian merit.
its all smelling like the usual attempt to segregate Canada amongst the different identities living unassimilated.
Thats the real problem.

Either Way said...

Byers, you might want to check to see if the "n" key on your keyboard is sticking occasionally.
Also, why does it appear that your posts are like staccato bursts? There's no segue, no flow, between any of your sentences.

colnago80 said...

Re either way

That's because booby is a random sentence generator.

Unknown said...

So you advocating overthrowing governments, Robert Byers?

Then you should have no complaints if Occupy Wall Street or Earth First or any radical group overthrows the governments of Saudi Arabia or the UK or USA. And, I am proud to be radical.

Since you don't care about upholding the laws of the Soviet Union when the Soviet Union existed, then don't you dare preach to anyone else, such as Pussy Riot, to obey unjust unfair laws that THEY don't like in countries today.