Saturday, November 16, 2013

Government Behaving Badly

There are so many stories of people in government behaving badly lately, it's hard to know what to pick out. Here are just a few:
  • Health Canada torpedoes a cool magnetic pen for ridiculous reasons.
  • Canada's Justice Minister Peter MacKay is all upset that Justin Trudeau talked about marijuana legalization in front of teenagers, because we have to keep the phony war on drugs no matter what, or something.
  • US House Speaker John Boehner hosts extremist anti-gay group.
  • Toronto mayor Rob Ford wants to sue former staffers who revealed his misconduct to investigators, despite no legal ground to stand on. Oh, and he also discusses his sexual practices in detail.
  • Wisconsin Republicans restricted early voting because, you know, early voters tend to be Democrats.


Monocle said...

Liberal party members, I see, are immune to behaving badly. I'd say it's pretty natural to focus on the foibles, and worse, of one's ideological opponents.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

It's the usual name-changing troll, I see. Easily recognizable. But why do you use a different name each time? My guess it is to attempt to appear like many people, when in fact you are just one.

Go away, little troll.

Monocle said...

Naah, it's to give you the ability to tell your friends, "See how many visitors I've got!"

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Like religious evangelists at the door, you are the kind of visitor everyone can do without.

Curt Cameron said...

The Canadian government banned Buckyballs? My son and I have had countless hours of entertainment with them. I agree they're not for small kids, but they're so much fun!