Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Value of Personal Knowledge - The Answer

Here's the answer to yesterday's quiz.

1910 was a different world.


Paul said...

Yesterday I cheated and searched Google books, turning up this among other things.

I wouldn't have guessed fig syrup, but it's not a huge surprise either. I agree it was a different world, one in which this was considered effective advertising copy.

The main puzzle for me was what makes something a "family" laxative. Further searching led to this surprisingly sensible definition/
"The Ideal Family Laxative
is one that can be used by the entire family, young and old, weak and strong." (from an ad for Brandreth's Pills)

Finally, here's an ad that uses some identical wording to sell science books.

Unknown said...

To quote Homer Simpson:
"Fig syrup...mmmmm (drool)"

Anonymous said...

I thought it was the mathematical savvy involved in a knowledge of forms, functions, and products.

Unknown said...

Is "The Answer" similar to "The Secret", which itself is a ripoff of "The Awakening", which got mangled when copied from "The Reason"?

Ok - not related to this topic, but pretty darned funny & true: a meta-proof template for all conversations between reviewers and P vs NP cranks.