Monday, February 03, 2014

I Get Email

Just the latest of many crackpot e-mail messages I get:
I came across your uwaterloo page and had read the write-up blatantly attacking creationist research.
What YOU fail to see, is that you promote the Smithsonian, a religious institution. You might want to check
the Jesuit IHS logo against that of the Smithsonian. And you might want to check the fact that natural science comes from religion.
The pure ignorance of your position is already noted as you cannot provide one shred of evidence for either evolution, big bang, dark matter or the heliocentric universe
and yet stand by science as the be-all and end-all. Where were you when the earth was created and man put upon it? Where is your research in understanding everything
you reference within the sciences is actually mathematical models, a knowledge fantasy and does not subscribe to even the definition of true science....yet more or less falls
within the realm of an oxymoron, science-fiction. I am not sure you even understand what science is. It's also quite funny that you subscribe to mysticism that has been created by priests, such as evolutionary science. Professing yourself to be wise, you have become a fool. 
This guy was not honest enough to sign his real name. Big surprise.


John Pieret said...

creationist research

Um ... if you can't have evidence of something unless you were there, how can creationists do any "research"?

And I suppose a True Scientist is like a True Scotsman.

Jim Tigwell said...

This person has you totally figured. There IS no evidence for a heliocentric universe!