Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Margaret Wente Thinks University Professors Should Teach More

It's pretty funny that Margaret Wente thinks that some university professors are overpaid lazy slobs with cushy jobs, and they need to teach more and stop wasting their time on all that useless original research.

Ms. Wente, who has a well-documented history of plagiarizing other people's work, is not exactly a voice of moral authority when it comes to laziness and originality. In a just world, Ms. Wente would no longer have a job as a columnist, let alone a job at Canada's most prestigious newspaper.

I wonder if the real reason behind Ms. Wente's dislike of university professors is that it was a courageous university professor, Carol Wainio, who was largely responsible for exposing Ms. Wente's shoddy journalism.

P.S. Margaret "It's Easier to Repeat Myself Than Come Up With Something New" Wente made the same points back in 2009.


bcstractor said...

The Wente that bragged about jumping the line to get her miracle hips only to find she got stuck with the wrong ones. I'm sure all the pain and suffering doesn't help her judgement.

Unknown said...

Aren't Wente and David Warren the members of a two-person mutual admiration club? Warren got himself axed by The Ottawa Citizen and now writes the most pretentious drivel to be found anywhere on the web - in virtual obscurity where he belongs - all the while lamenting the fact that no one will hire him because he's too brave and honest. Maybe we'll get lucky and Wente will join him there.