Sunday, November 23, 2014

The "Call for Pagers"

This is an actual solicitation I just received:

ijcsiet journal call for pagers november 2014

International Journal of Computer Science Information and Engg., Technologies


Dear Authors,

We would like to invite you to submit quality Research Papers by e-mail or or both. The International Journal of Computer Science Infor! mation and Engineering Technologies (IJCSIET).. As per the guidelines submit a research paper related to one of the themes of the Journals, as per the guidelines.

These solicitations seem to be competing to see who can have the stupidest-named journal and the most typographical errors in a single message.


Steve Watson said...

Um, what's "infor! mation"? Inquiring minds want to know!

Takis Konstantopoulos said...

I guess the journal is one of the scam ones coming from the Indian subcontinent. My reasoning? Their use of language "As per the guidelines submit a research paper". The (to me) funny sounding expression "as per" comes from that region.

Kerry Liles said...

Perhaps you already spotted this on slash dot, but in case you missed it:

Unknown said...

They are clear!y VERY ser!ious about Com!puter Sc!ence & Eng!neer!ng!
Submi! you're paper as per instruction, Shallit!