Sunday, December 07, 2014

How Religion Rots Your Brain, Kills You, and Abandons Your Corpse to Rats

From Hamilton, Ontario comes this story of a woman so besotted with religion that she failed to encourage her ailing husband to get medical help and then, after he died, left his corpse to rot for months in a sealed bedroom while it was eaten by rats.

In the meantime, she was praying for a miraculous resurrection.

When, six months later, no miracle occurred, did she rethink her beliefs? No, of course not. She believes more strongly than ever, and is quoted as saying "In fact, it has cast me more at the mercy of God, because he is the ultimate judge."

If there's a better local example of how religion can warp your brain, I don't know it. Why we continue, as a society, to coddle religious believers and treat religion as a positive force is beyond me.


jwaltos said...

I have a hunch (belief) that you know why certain religions are secure within various societies worldwide.

My question, what would threaten the existence of any and all such belief systems? Common logic doesn't seem to prevail so what will?

Merry Christmas ;)

Unknown said...

"Common logic doesn't seem to prevail, so what will?"

A miracle perhaps?

Merry Christmas!.. :o)

Takis Konstantopoulos said...

At least you can say that she was acting in a very consistent manner:
Religious belief about something is an increasing function of the amount of evidence against that something.
We should give her that!

jwaltos said...

An essential missing from all the religions I have encountered is humour.

Certain psychologies lack the tools for introspection or self-reflection. Cannetti's "Crowds and Power" may apply here.

It's easy to take pot shots at these types, Dhoukobors anyone? I do appreciate these blogs as a public service as I would not be aware of certain people otherwise.

Regarding "coddling": I've encountered life-threatening situations in Belfast, North Africa and South America due to certain "beliefs." I am aware of the dangers of certain beliefs and how they are expressed.

Facing the loss of and losing loved ones is difficult and universal. Our St. Bernard (a dog) was grieving so much over the loss of our Choc. Lab she grew up with that she would have died (we have another choc. lab now). Our dog could feel but not intellectually reconcile these feelings and was self-destructing.

Anyone who has seen a National Geographic documentary on animals will know that weakness is exploited. To me, religions are predatory and not really symbiotic in any society.

Though I will not ridicule nor mock a group's beliefs, I will address their hypocrisy and irony with humour. Carlin, Normand and Burr are a good listen regarding their takes on religion.

Diogenes said...

Creepy! Good thing atheists would never do something like that.

Unknown said...

Johnny Waltos
"Though I will not ridicule nor mock a group's beliefs, I will address their hypocrisy and irony with humour."

Logically inconsistent.
i.e. a load of excrement.

Well, good for you. That does not make you better than those atheists, such as myself, who do ridicule & mock another group's beliefs.

If you eat meat & have children, then that makes you worse than a childless vegan who has sex with children or bombs a courthouse & prison to prevent themselves from being imprisoned for some trivial reason.

Only mathematical models & mathematicians may compute good vs bad. Period.

That is my belief, and you're not allowed to ridicule or mock it, according to your own arbitrary "rule".


Yeah, I agree. All those stupid nationalists go to extreme, such as all the idol worship of Lenin & Stalin. All those nationalists who think that laws should be upheld no matter how unfair.
But then they hypocritically praise lawbreakers, whether groups of protestors or individual spreading more bible excrement, in other countries.

I have zero tolerance for those who arbitrarily, logically inconsistently flip between yapping about "the law" versus "what's fair". You either talk ONLY about "what the law is" or "what's fair". Not both.

I notice Dr Shallit did not post my previous comment. Subject to no further information, that's fine: it's his blog. He may do what he wants with it, pending no other info. I'm sure I went on too long. I said nothing wrong or bad, of course.

jwaltos said...

IThinkWithMy Liver,

If I was consistently logically inconsistent or inconsistently logically consistent the scent of excrement would still be there.

If I was completely logical and consistent but my rationale (axiomatic basis ie. certitude in the parallel postulate or believing the ether exists (as opposed to the Higgs Field)) was misplaced, I would still be full of crap.

As an atheist you are much more pragmatic than those who live the types of delusions encountered in Hamilton.

Placed into context, some types of seeds 1000's of years old found in tombs and caves transmogrify into plants which is a resurrection .. of sorts.

Jim Jeffries also had a good stand-up regarding religion.

This blog article struck a chord with me because (if you ever saw "Inherit the Wind" or read Galileo's books) acting responsibly does not mean you are acting intelligently, and conversely.

jwaltos said...

Sorry, I should have added that the "Believers" in that article acted neither intelligently nor responsibly.

Here is the link to the YouTube Jim Jefferies clip:

Anonymous said...

To Jeffrey Shallit, People who can't and never ever really ever grow up and be a rational human being and get out of all of these religions like christianity and islamic religions are extremely dangerous, and I'm extremely scared of them all, because they are everywhere ((LIKE SCATTERED BROKEN GLASS)) and people like me who are sane and who are rational are very few and next to none, which is 20% compared to 80% crazies god-believers/christians, Yes I have to really lie and hide my true position of being an atheist in this life because god-believers are Evil to me and also when someone ask me do you believe in god, I say yes to hide my position so I don't ever get Hammered by all threatening god-believing christians that are extremely threatening, like being threaten with hell and other stuff ETC of their own holy text of herd enslaved conformity....
I do not believe in God or Satan, or any Superstitions whatsoever that cause all these problems on Earth.
Religion has done nothing but make everything Amuck on Earth ever sense it got made by the madmen of CON-ARTISTS.

80% of all people are All TheisticGod-Believeres/Christians, and they all make life so really horrible having to listen to there horrible rules of pious enslavement and also all they do is Impose their Evil Piousness of god-believing-threatening rules of herd-conformity of there Stupid fair tales on all regardless of anybody positions in this life.

I'm sorry to really say this but I do not like sharing this planet with a bunch of crazies god-believers who will never grow up at all, and for people like me and all like me as Atheists It's is really Torture for all who are Not All God-Lovers/Believers/Christians, whatsoever therefore their Horrible to really live with at all costs, because they will torture you to you believe in their crap, or threaten to kill you or more, They are just as Bad as ISIS really is, and that is a Fact....

P.S. The only real reasons is too why the world is in so much such extreme trouble is really because of all The Pious Religious people and their manmade fairy tale horrible fairy tale Religions of Manipulation.