Thursday, November 26, 2015

Another Intelligent Design Fail

Over at the creationist blog, Uncommon Descent, they just don't know when to shut up.

They present the story of an artifact which may be a 45,000-year-old flute. Then again, it might just be a partially eaten bear femur. And they present it with the title "Design inference: is it a Neanderthal flute?"

But wait a second. Don't the ID folks have a mathematically rigorous method of detecting design? I thought intelligent design was a thought revolution that was going to have significant impact on almost every field of science, including archaeology.

Then why hasn't anyone in the intelligent design field jumped in with their "mathematically rigorous" method and resolved the question about the flute? Why are there no papers by the ID giants like William Dembski and Jonathan Wells and Stephen Meyer and Paul Nelson submitted to Science and Nature about artifacts like this? Or even submitted to their own vanity journal, which has published a total of one paper this year?

The answer should be obvious. Intelligent design is a massive intellectual fraud. It's a completely useless tool in science which can't even answer the simplest challenges put to it.

ID is not really about science at all -- it's just a cover for conservative Christianity.


Unknown said...

I've heard of that mathematically rigorous method. They measure up the end product (in this case the flute) and compare it with the original design drawings to see if there's a match. So maybe they are digging for that flute-drawings at this very moment and a paper will follow soon afterwards, once they've found it.

MNb said...

"it's just a cover for conservative Christianity."
Objection! Klinkleklapper is not a christian but a jew. IDiocy is eucumenical!

William Spearshake said...

Maybe Gordon Myllings (aka KairosFocus) could cast some light on this with an exploded view of a fishing reel.

Anebo said...

Evidently Dembski has dumped ID and is gearing up to run a bit-coin like scam on his brethren. Does Behe have the math for that? Engor?

Unknown said...

William Spearshake, I think you've nailed it. Forget about the big bang. The whole universe, flute and fishing reel included, must be an exploded view of the mind of God, and we're just talking neurons inside this gigantac divine design, or DD.

Piotr GÄ…siorowski said...

Strange. I asked them about the Divje Babe flute quite a long time ago, before they banned me from UD:

For example, the origin of the so-called “Neanderthal flute” of Divje Babe (Slovenia) has been hotly disputed for 20 years now without reaching consensus. Some argue that the punctures in the bone are carefully designed and “consistent with four notes of the diatonic scale”; others claim that they are fairly typical bite marks left by a carnivore. What a pity they haven’t asked you for help. Could you perhaps compute the FSCO/I of a cave bear femur with a few holes in it?

The were not very talkative on that occasion, and KF stuck to his good ol' Ambassador fishin' reel.