Tuesday, September 20, 2016

World's Dumbest Journal Name

I think I have found the world's dumbest journal name. It is the International Refereed Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering.

The barely-literate web page tells you that it is a "reputed journal", and has a block of moving text that announces proudly that "IRJSRE is International Peer Reviewed Journal".

It also informs you that IRJSRE "provides new information, knowledge, analysis and developments in the Engineering and Science fields to cater the requirements of academic and practitioners". I never saw a journal announce that it was a caterer before.

The web page features a button that says "Call for Paper". Just one? Or maybe their photocopier ran out.

Another helpful button offers a "modal paper". I wonder if that means it's made of rayon.

And I wonder who would submit their paper to this journal.


Joel said...

I think that the modal paper might be the problem here actually. Their first issue was supposed to be published three weeks back but unfortunately that modal paper is blocking any other paper input. Someone needs to push "OK" on it.

Takis Konstantopoulos said...

Or look at the Editorial board and observe, e.g., that Dr. Stanley John's affiliation is "Department of Textile Engineering, United Kingdom". I suppose this means there is only one such department in the UK (could very well be) and that is affiliated to no university or company.

Joel said...

After some further poking, it looks like their editorial board is identical to that of the International Journal of Modern Engineering Research. An esteemed group, including several whose universities merged and were renamed decades ago, at least one degree mill, and, ah... "Sixth form college, England".

dean said...

After looking at the website for the IJMER, you gotta love the editor with the affiliation

Department of Mechanical, USA

Must be one of our super-secret government agencies.

Unknown said...