Monday, July 16, 2007

Innumeracy In "Zits"

The July 12 2007 panel for the "Zits" comic strip has the main character, Jeremy, computing how much he's getting paid.

Panel 1: "I can't believe I'm getting paid ten bucks an hour for this!"

Panel 2: "That's like, five bucks every half hour!"

Panel 3: "Or 16.6¢ per minute ... or, uh... only .0027¢ per second."

Panel 4: "Time flies when you're having fun, but it totally drags when you're getting paid by the hour."

Which one of the authors of this strip, Jerry Scott or Jim Borgman, can't divide?

Added July 23 2007: I received the following reply from Jim Borgman:
"You're right. Jeffrey. Sorry for the error. Maybe we should have you
look over our syndication contract?"


RBH said...

Being a graduate of a fine liberal arts college at which I once taught, it surely can't be Borgman. :)

Unknown said...

They'd have been close (still a rounding convention off) if they'd used a dollar sign on the last number instead of the cents sign.

It's pretty cool that they are paying attention to commentary, though. You'd never have heard from Johnny Hart.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Actually, Johnny Hart did reply to me! 6 times in fact. I should blog his silly blockheaded responses sometime.