Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Christian Compassion

From the Toronto Sun comes this heartwarming story of Christian compassion.

Sex offender Patrick White is really, really sorry that he committed fraud and sex-related offenses in the US and Canada. He's really, really sorry that he sexually abused mentally retarded men. In fact, he's so sorry that he will pay for counselling for his victims, but only if it's "Christian counselling".

How generous!

Never fear, White is assured of a place in his Christian heaven, because, as he says, "God has forgiven me".


Unknown said...

Seems to me that the terms of reimbursement for counseling would best be decided by a court, not by the perpetrator of the crime. He can make all the pronouncements he wants; he'll do whatever the court tells him to do.

It's a moot point in any event. He doesn't expect to live long enough to actually make good on his promise, which is why he made the offer in the first place.

Anonymous said...

How does he know God has forgiven him? And why does he think he has the right to determine the form of counseling his victims receive? If he is stating he will pay for only "christian" counseling, how do we know that isn't just a form of control that he is still trying to impose on his victims? How does anyone know if he is truly repentant... or trying to pose as a christian to further his own ends?