Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Moose Blogging

Here's a great youtube video of 2 baby moose and their mother playing in a sprinkler in an Alaskan backyard.


Unknown said...

There's some weird bug in either my browser or LiveJournal that causes videos to be mixed up. This showed up on my friends page as a Muppets rickroll video.

I had to click through to the original page to see if it was actually moose or if you were rickrolling your readers. It appears that it was my browser that was rickrolling me.

paul01 said...

I've heard some people say that the town where I live is just "a big waste of Moose country".

looks like it may not be the only place.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful video! And, I am guessing the version of the song heard in the background was sung by Alison Krauss. Bluegrass-country rocks!

Come to think of it, this video is a perfect example of a living entity that does not worship any God and yet is able to demonstrate compassion, kindness, love and all those good qualities that people think can only be associated with a supernatural God!