Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Surprise

Michele Bachmann, intelligent design advocate, is a pathological liar. Who would have guessed?

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crf said...

Lying implies an intention to deceive. I'm sure Bachmann does in fact lie about many things, with intent.

But often, it is likely that Bachmann actually believes what she says is true. A huge proportion of humanity (perhaps all of us, in some individually specific areas) do not operate on the principles of logic and evidence when determining whether something is true or false. If we keep our illogical areas constrained, or operate in systems that help to mitigate irrationality, the damage may be limited. Some people are far more irrational than others though, obviously. (Did you read Rex Murphy today (Oct 17, 2009) in the Globe and Mail?)

Democracy and free-ish institutions at least provide imperfect (and How Imperfect!) mechanisms to limit the damage people like Bachmann may cause. If the people, as a whole, are wise enough to take advantage.