Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Looking for Graduate Students

My sabbatical will end on July 1 2010, and I'm looking for good graduate students -at either the master's or the PhD level - in computer science who are interested in working on problems in automata theory, formal languages, combinatorics on words, complexity theory, number theory algorithms, or algebraic algorithms, beginning September 2010.

You can see the kinds of things I've been working on lately here.

The University of Waterloo offers excellent financial support for graduate students. You can get information about our School of Computer Science and about the application process for admission to graduate school by clicking on the links.

If you're interested, send me e-mail (which you can find by going to my home page, and tell me what you've done and what you're interested in doing.


AG said...

Hi Jeffrey,
How are you so prolific in producing these research paper. My advisor (Research in topology) produces 1-2 papers a year.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Different fields have different expectations. Some fields it's harder to make progress in than others. And some researchers have extremely high standards about their own work, preferring to publish only the very highest quality papers.

For my part, I have been extremely lucky to have a host of co-authors, most of whom are much smarter than I am.

dianna.rose83@gmail.com said...

Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.