Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Free Energy Scam

Never mind that pesky 2nd law of thermodynamics! Get scammed by "free energy"!

Honestly, what kind of people fall for this crap?


Joel said...

Woah, magnets! Noone's ever tried to make free energy that way!

Valhar2000 said...

And he, quite cleverly, does not put in any information about how the device actually, so that it cannot be debunked easily. Oh, well.

Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

What kind of people? Well there's long-time free energy advocate Sterling D. Allan. He believes in the possibility of free energy because he thinks it is something God wants us to have. Allan was excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints (Mormons) because his beliefs are too wacky.

Rebecca P. said...

Students at the University of Waterloo? [fall for this crap]

John Stockwell said...

If you want to experience the raw flow
of the 21st century subconscious, listen to a radio program called "Coast to Coast".

Free energy, ghosts, aliens, cattle mutilations, government coverups, illuminati conspiracies,....., and

Try not to panic.

cody said...

Are "laws against false advertising" just a myth? If not, why do free energy advocates persist? Shouldn't we fine/jail them out of existence?

Miranda said...

"And if you order now, we'll throw in ten kilograms of dihydrogen monoxide absolutely free!"

Miranda said...

"Honestly, what kind of people fall for this crap?"

Ronald Bronson?
I guess he's Donald Williams' long lost twin or something.

Barry said...

People will pay a lot of money to get something for nothing.

Marketers and politicians have understood this from time immemorial.

Anonymous said...

John Walker said. “Never invest in something that violates a conservation law.” It’s good advice for all.

I do not speak for the James Randi Educational Foundation. But given the 0% success rate of mediums and dowsers the JREF might welcome a chance to see free energy in action.

Among much else the JREF says, “PLEASE: Do not burden us with theories, philosophical observations, previous examples, anecdotal evidence or other comments! We are only interested in an actual demonstration.”

That sounds like a proper “put up or shut up.”

Peter B

Pelle said...

Of course you can get energy out of nothing.
The best proof of this is the existence of our universe.

I really hope that these guys has made it happen in their garage.

Miranda said...

Pelle, you really ought to take a look at the first sentence at:

Anonymous said...

Dear Miranda,
the old greeks did'nt know anything about nothing.
They simply could not imagine things smaller than an atom.
Since they could not contemplate the very Big Bang, the old greeks where confined in the atomic age for many hundreds of years.
You and me have nothing to learn from Aristotele and his friends when it comes down to applied physics.

Now once again.
In the beginning there was nothing.
Now there is Mass and Energy easely convertible by Einsteins famous formula.
According to conservation laws - if You an me exsists there must be an equal lack of us two somwhere else. Equations shows that a minor thing can start a big selfdriven prosess like our universe (even with as oddly strange entities like you and me). I really do belive that these Australinan Einsteins kickstarted someting in their garage. What i cant comprend is how they manage to keep the invension under control and avoid rapid global warming. The Sky-News report hints towards a new form of a Maxwellian Klein-bottle. Oskar Klein and me drank many bottles together, but never came anyting even close to such an ingenius confinment of a simple creation process as this this certainly must be. /pelle

Miranda said...

"Equations shows that a minor thing can start a big selfdriven prosess like our universe (even with as oddly strange entities like you and me)."

You say "minor" thing. But do equations show that a /no/thing can start a big selfdriven process like our universe? That is indeed what you claimed earlier, but it appears you're backtracking.

"They simply could not imagine things smaller than an atom.
Since they could not contemplate the very Big Bang,... "

You should know that the "Big Bang Theory" -- or at least something extremely like it -- is at least 700 years old. Did you really think the idea is only as new as the twentieth century?

JohnKStinson said...

This man is just exploiting an undeniable goldmine of financial Darwinism. Unwise (dumb) individuals will buy stupid products, and there is not shortage of dumb people. I would love to know how many he has managed to sell.