Saturday, January 15, 2011

Strangest Moose-Related Lawsuit of the Millennium

This is fun.

Two men in Newfoundland who experienced car collisions with moose are suing the provincial government, arguing their collisions were the government's fault because the introduced moose to the province 100 years ago.

And - since you asked - yes, there have been several other moose-related lawsuits.

I wonder if we could sue the state of Washington for facilitating the existence of Glenn Beck?


John Farrell said...

Outstanding point!

paul01 said...

OK they introduced moose to Newfoundland, but did they introduce them to Labrador? Will Labradorans become second class citizens with no moose-related recourse?

Anonymous said...

Not, strange, just long overdue. At 700 collisions a year this works out to $15,000,000 in health care costs, $7,000,000 in car repairs, loss of life, loss of work and loss of loved ones. If there were no moose there would be no collisions. Newfoundland's new slogan is" Come to Newfoundland and be killed by a moose!:

Jeffrey Shallit said...

I think it's nuts.

The slogan should be "Welcome to Newfoundland! Now drive sensibly."