Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yet Another Creationist Letter

Yet another creationist letter to the editor in my local paper, the Waterloo Region Record.

There are some really terrific stupid lines in this one:

However, I have never heard an evolutionist give an adequate explanation of how life itself began. There is the big bang theory, but it ignores the fact that such an explosion would destroy any kind of life as we know it.


The theory of evolution seems to propound that given sufficient time -- millions and even billions of years -- all things are possible, even though the chances of DNA and cell changes to produce current results are infinitely small.

Great stuff - typical for our local newspaper.


Anonymous said...

The sentence about the explosion has to be a joke. I think.

Corey said...

When I read that letter I was thinking "does this person understand what the big bang theory is?"

John said...


Clearly not. From what I have seen/heard from creationists, most seem to think that since their myth is all-inclusive, science must also be monolithic. They seem unable to grasp the concept of unrelated fields.