Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Moose Blogging

What to do when someone finds an exceptionally large and beautiful moose?

Why, kill it, of course.

Humans are really a violent species.


Lariat said...

"Humans are really a violent species."

What percentage of humans who would shoot such a moose would it take to generalize like that?

Anonymous said...

Shooting a moose for its horns is just an example of, not proof of, the claim.

Anonymous said...


Are you conflating Prof. Shallit's statement with "all humans are violent"?

If I said "I have brown shoes", I most likely meant, "there are shoes of mine which are brown" rather than "all of my shoes are brown" - showing an example then, does prove the statement.

Lariat said...

People who post under the name 'anonymous' are morons.

Oh, no, I don't mean you are (referring to the second anonymous above). I'm not saying that ALL people who post under 'anonymous' are morons; I'm just saying that there are bloggers who post under 'anonymous' who are morons.

I structured the for-rhetorical-purposes-only insult the same way Shallit structured his statement.

If you were initially offended by the insult above, then you should see how your argument doesn't defend Shallit's wording the way you'd like it to.

Let's just say that Shallit was speaking loosely and didn't think that anyone would take his words so rigidly.