Thursday, August 02, 2012

Too Bad This Guy Isn't a Mathematician

The guy at the city of Waterloo, Ontario who helped the mayor of Waterloo get online at the "Chinese Facebook", Sina Weibo, is named Max Min.

What a great name! Too bad he isn't a mathematician.


James Cranch said...

I have long hoped that one day I will meet a couple called Norm and Trace, but it hasn't happened yet.

Luke Barnes said...


My legal studies teacher, herself an ex-lawyer, was called Sue Moore. She didn't realise until another teacher made a "you must get that all the time" joke.

John Stockwell said...

Max Min is pretty good.

My favorite was Jaime Sin, who was Archbishop of Manila.

He was: "Cardinal Sin" until his death in 2005. (Who says that Popes don't have a sense of humor.)

So a question for theological set theorists. If there are "cardinal sins" are there "ordinal sins" and if so what are they?

g said...

I'm pretty sure I saw a joke ages and ages and ages ago to the effect that the tallest dwarf in China ought to be called Max Min. (I didn't get the impression that whoever was making the joke had encountered a real person with that name.)

Regrettably, "cardinal sin" isn't a theological (or philosophical) term of art. There were "cardinal virtues", but the special term attached to "sin" was, I think, always "deadly" or "mortal" (the two not being quite equivalent because there's a famous set of Seven Deadly Sins whereas a "mortal sin" is, IIRC, anything that will send you to hell if you die unabsolved of it.

(One of my CAPTCHA "words" is "tldrily", which I suppose is an internet-era term meaning impatiently.)