Monday, October 15, 2012

The Gulf is Too Wide

From a letter to the editor of our local paper, the Waterloo Region Record, October 4 2012:

"In any sexual union, it is God who decides whether or not there will be conception of a child.

"From that moment of conception, there is a new human life. God wants that human being or the child would not have been conceived."

"What right has the woman to snuff out the life of that human being?"

When someone has such a medieval view of the world, unencumbered by our modern understanding of biology and reproduction, is it even possible to reason with them? I don't think so. The gulf is just too wide.


Galactor said...

This letter was actually printed?

Phil said...

What is god doing putting babies in women who don't want them? Bastard.

AL said...

I once met an anti-abortionist who straight up said to me, "Life begins at conception, it says so in any biology textbook."

Well, I guess she at least TRIED to to invoke modern biology, but like most people, she appealed to the authority of a book without actually reading it.

SLC said...

Considering that more then 1/2 of all fertilized eggs fail to implant, and since the author of the letter implies that life begins at fertilization, that makes god the world's greatest abortionist.

Eohippus said...

I think it really would be a waste of time and effort to reason with the author of the letter. It's too bad. It would be interesting to know if he/she is delusional in other aspects of his/her life, or whether the author can carry out activities of daily living.