Thursday, June 06, 2013

Creationists Get Their Book Published

When intelligent design advocates recently tried to get their creationist conference proceedings published by a major academic publisher, they got a rude surprise. Once they realized what was up, Springer apparently cancelled their acceptance.

So the creationists apparently moved to a different publisher, World Scientific Press. Although many books published by World Scientific are OK, they also publish some real dreck. In fact, I recommend that they add "real dreck" to the keywords for this new book.


Anonymous said...

$121.60 !!!!!


John Pieret said...

$121.60 !!!!!

Well, assuming they actually sell some copies, you'll just have a month or two to wait until you can get a used copy for $3.49. Of course, the condition might not be so good once the suckers ... err ... buyers realize just how badly they've been ripped off.

Paul C. Anagnostopoulos said...

Then you wait a little while longer and you can get a copy for $.01 plus shipping. Much more interesting than the book is the puzzle of figuring out how the bookseller makes any money on that transaction.

~~ Paul

SPARC said...

For the time being you can download the complete content freely from the publishers web pages at

Anonymous said...

more keywords "breathtaking inanity"