Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Bizarre Journal Spam

I like this one!
  • It is addressed, not to me, but to another professor in the department.
  • I am somehow an "Excellency".
  • It is a "strictly intellectual journal". Glad to see there aren't any distracting centerfolds like those other journals.
  • It has "an internationally recognized Editorial Board Members", who are "well-built"!
Dear Professor

It is with pleasure to invite your Excellency to take part in an academic opportunity through submitting your research paper for possible publication in a strictly intellectual journal named "International Journal of Advanced Science and Engineering Technology" (IJASET),(ISSN: 2225-9686). Our journal here is a peer reviewed scholarly kind of bulletin which in its natural existence devoted for publishing high-quality papers with an internationally recognized Editorial Board Members. The well-built editorial board welcomes all kind of papers regardless of their academic tendency in a way that transcends all the scientific and theoretical concepts into a new era of enlightenment and insight; the journal is issued on bi-monthly bases and supports all kind of topics and streams including:

- Research and Reviews Articles, Scientific Commentaries in the Fields of Applied and Theoretical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Medical Studies, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Engineering, Short Communications, Computer Science, Technological Sciences, Medicine, Industrial, Mathematics, Statistics in addition to all other Applied and Theoretical Sciences

For author Instructions http://www.ijaset.com Indexed/ Abstracted in

Index Copernicus

Awaiting your papers.

Yours sincerely,
International Journal of Advanced Science and Engineering Technology
Website: http://www.ijaset.com
Article submitted through E-mail: editor@ijaset.com ; info@ijaset.com; or online submission visit www.ijaset.com


Deane said...

Jeffrey, unfortunately I don't consider this stuff bizarre at all. These are people trying to game the system and are all too successful at it. There's nothing lost by sending these messages to legitimate scientists, because enough of them say yes and agree to serve on t he editorial board, submit articles, and referee them. This of course makes them seem more legitimate and attract other reputable people to participate. The irony is that if a journal is sufficiently successful at this, it could actually evolve into a real journal.

KeithB said...

I tend to wonder if this is not just a knowledge phishing scheme, looking for cutting edge science they can steal.

Anonymous said...

KeithB, check out http://www.ijaset.com/Volume_Issue.aspx and you will see that IF this is a phishing scheme I would think that so far it's not really cutting edge science they are getting. More likely, they are getting a few hundred bucks per article they publish and that's it. Still, decent money for hardly any work.

George said...

Check out one Editor; Prof. Duncan T. Moor from the University of Rochester. There is actually a Prof. Duncan T. Moore from the University of Rochester.

Odd they would not spell his name correctly????

Unknown said...

How could you possibly pass on the opportunity to transcend all scientific and theoretical concepts?