Saturday, September 06, 2014

Anti-Science Nuts are On All Sides of the Political Spectrum

There are so many anti-science nuts on the far right that I think we sometimes forget about the crazies on the left.

Here's an example I recently stumbled across: this radical feminist blogger thinks that women have "higher cognitive and sensory capacities than men" and "that compared to men, women simply seem to have a fully functioning brain (or far better functioning than men at least)" and "The mutation process clearly generates a deteriorated version of the original", thus showing she doesn't have much understanding of what a mutation is.

Of course, she also thinks that "some women do have the capacity to communicate with plants and trees and living beings in different ways, they ask the plant what kind of healing powers she has and the plant may reply, if she wants to". It's hard to understand someone whose world view is so distanced from reality.

The same blogger believes that all (literally all) sexual intercourse is rape and that sexual intercourse is somehow unnatural. When a commenter reasonably asks "Almost every mammal species reproduces this way, how can it be unnatural?", the blogger responds that "The purpose of PIV is to cause harm" (PIV, by the way, is the acronym for "penis-in-vagina sex") and "PIV isn’t natural, it’s an action done by men to us".

I feel very sorry for someone so filled with hate towards men, with such a warped worldview. Not filled with hate, you say? Read her December 12 comment here, where she advocates killing most or all men simultaneously: "The only way it could work without risking severe male retaliation is for all women to do it [kill men] at the same time, literally at the same time, so that the remaining males wouldn’t be sufficient in number and wouldn’t have enough time to organise repression harshly enough to terrorise women back into domestication." Honestly, this person sounds seriously dangerous to others. Let's hope her homicide fantasies don't become reality.


Tom English said...

The woman is deeply disturbed, and deeply disturbing. I got sucked into her blog for several hours. In the second post, she describes her history of pathological relationships with males, including sexual encounters in adolescence and statutory rape in her teens (her first "true love" was 13 years older than she):

By her account, she managed eventually to straighten herself out, only to find that no man was interested in a healthy relationship. And that's when she found salvation in feminism. It seems to be more religious than political for her.

My sincere response is compassion.

aljones909 said...

Surely it's a spoof. The blogger could be certifiably insane - but what about all the others making supportive comments. Can't be real.

nmanning said...

I was reading through the comments on a Salon article (I know, I know) damning Sam Harris for his horrible misogyny. Among the commenters were the Pharygula-type feminists, who attacked anyone daring to try to cut through the anger. One such person declared that 'hormones are irrelevant' and that if Harris and friends knew anything about biology and endocrinology, they would understand this. So yes, nuts on all sides.