Monday, November 17, 2014

It Takes One

So David Berlinski thinks climate scientists are "intellectual mediocrities and pious charlatans".

Well, he should know, since I suspect he might hold Official Membership Cards in both groups.

If you want to see intellectual mediocrity and charlatanism, just read Berlinski's essay "Gödel's question" in the creationist collection Mere Creation, published by that well-recognized press devoted to research in advanced mathematics and science, InterVarsity Press.

If you can't figure out what is wrong with it, you can read Jason Rosenhouse's takedown.


Diogenes said...

Berlinski's getting mean in his senility. He was always driven mad by envy of all those smarter than himself, meaning academia, also some hairdressers and window washers. But he used to pretend to be civil and wtty in the William F. Buckley mode. Buckley's out the window, it's all Goebbels now, screaming into microphones as the books burn. He will never make nor understand a scientific argument ever again.

Which would make him harmless towards us, he's now satisfied with just waving from the reviewing stand as the stormtroopers goosestep past, and no fence-sitter would ever be swayed by his vacuous hate.

But if Berlinski goes off to Muslim countries again as he's done in past years, and goes back to trying to whip the Muslims into another creationist Boko Haram or ISIS as he did last time, it's chop-chop for a lot of people.

bcstractor said...

Have you managed to watch this piece of crazy from our "friend" Dougy Groothuis. So much BS